"Clean" Room Update

Posted by GeneP on Aug 24, 2007

Several weeks ago I posted a message about my steps to obtain a particle-free final varnish coat on my SH17. Despite wrapping the inside of my screen porch and cover the floor with plastic I ended up with lots of small particles. They were not visible immediately after applying the finish but were there when I returned after several hours of dry time.

Recently I noticed that the specs glitter in the sunlight, kind of like a kayak/bass boat hybrid. That caused me to wonder if they were mineral in nature.

Realizing that the only source could be the plastic I tracked down the manufacturer and talked to one of their engineers and learned that they apply talc and silica to prevent the plastic from sticking to itself.

It was a little breezy on the day that I did the final coat of varnish. The plastic walls of my clean room billowed and I believe that shook the surface powder into the atmosphere and much of it settled onto my wet varnish.

So for anyone considering using the 0.35 mil painters plastic to make your own clean room, either rinse it after hanging or pick a still day.


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