Posted by LeeG on Aug 22, 2007

one that stays attached to the car. Operator error seems to make more of a difference than the brand. In other words some folks get a thule or yakima but don't attach it well, or use the straps in less than optimal manner.

Attaching straight to pad covered bars works fine with the hull rocked to one side, j racks are secure. Foam v blocks on bars are easy. The important part is that your straps are attached in a way that the kayak can't shift left/right if it's on pads or blocks and not in specific cradle. If I was putting a s&g kayak on pads I'll wrap the tie down strap twice or make a clove hitch with it on the bar so it can't shift. I had a Northbay slam from one side of the van to the other while driving across the Bay Bridge in high winds. It took about a couple milliseconds leaving the kayak angled a foot off to one side.

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