Re: cartopping?

Posted by Parke on Aug 22, 2007

When I purchased my Subaru Forester, I bought the "J" style racks that Subaru offers as an accessory. These were functional, but difficult to use by myself. Lifting a kayak high and over the "J"s was difficult. I have a MC 13 and it was very difficult loading and unloading. I recently went with a Yakima style that had large rollers on the rear rack. With some Yakima accessories, they fit onto my factory cross bars. Now when I load, I place the bow on the rollers and the stern on the ground and just lift the kayak’s stern up and slide it forward. I then lock the wheels so they can not roll and strap the kayak down. This type of rack seems a lot easier for a lone person to load.

In Response to: Re: cartopping? by Robert N Pruden on Aug 21, 2007