Re: cartopping?

Posted by George K on Aug 21, 2007

For a whole rack system Thule and Yakima are the most popular. It's all a matter of preference and who makes racks to fit your car. (I use Thule as Yakima didn't make racks for a Mazda 3 when they first came out.) Thule bars are square, Yakima are round. Both make great saddle systems and hold downs. Both will keep your boats on the car at highway speeds. Both are within pennies of each other unless you find a sale on one or the other. There are other rack systems out there that may be a bit cheaper and there are guys on here who swear by them. Let them weigh in and make your decision. We all go through sticker shock when the boats are done and we need a way to transport 'em. But after a few road trips with no worries about boats flying off you really don't care what they cost!

George K

In Response to: cartopping? by Eric on Aug 21, 2007