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Posted by George K on Aug 21, 2007

This is from the Builder's Club page. The guy is Jim D in Miami, Florida. You can try to contact him to see if he can give you any advice.

"When I finished building Chris K.'s design in '95 I couldn't get it out the door of 2nd fl apt. so I sawed it into 3 pieces! Its held 2gethr w/ ss bolts & wingnuts. This yr I stuck a detacheable 12v trolling motor for fun, but still pref the purity of paddle only. The 3piece is perfect solution for apt dwellers with storage problems or elevator problems. I now live on 32' sailboat; sections fit behind mainmast; have paddled from Pulpit Hrbr Maine to swamps of Virginia to Biscayne Bay in Mia. Its so dinged up from use I painted it white. Later added red stripe to make it go faster. Everyone agrees it now goes faster. Thanks Chris and CLC. Someday I'd like to shake your hand."

Whatever you decide make sure to paint a red stripe so it'll go faster....

George K

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