Re: Leaky Hatches

Posted by Ed on Aug 17, 2007

By all means rebuild the hatches. First, what kind of hatch are we talking about ( flush or on a sill) and how is it fastened down. The curve of the hatch needs to match the curve of what it is seated on or you will definitely get a leak. There are a number of posts on how to re curve a hatch cover if it doesn't match. You may be able to heat the hatch cover with a heating lamp or a heat gun and once the epoxy softens a bit clamp it to a form. Allow for some spring back. If they are ribs, you may need to cut thin kerfs in the ribs, clamp to the proper curve and then fill the kerfs with "epoxy and carbosil mix. I'm sure others will add more ideas.

Worst to worst, build a new hatch.


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