Re: MAS and System3

Posted by CLC on Aug 16, 2007

>>>>>>>>Which reminds me of something I've wondered about ever since I got my Eastport Pram kit that included System3 epoxy. The System3 website and manual specifically state that silver tip is only for clear coating and that it should be never used with thickeners or fillers. Well the Pram kit came with thickeners and fillers and I've used them seemingly without any problems.

What gives? Why does System3 not want silver tip used with fillers? So they can sell more expensive stuff?


Can't use fillers in SilverTip!?! That's crazy talk. Until now I'd never heard such a thing, including from the the System 3 guys themselves. Guess I ought to read the latest System 3 publications.

(An aside. Astute CLC observers will recall that System 3 "SilverTip" was field-tested for a year under the name "System CLC.")

I'm guessing a couple thousand CLC boats have been filleted together with thickened SilverTip. Ne'er a problem, then or now.

I think it has to do with System 3 pushing their "GelMagic" pre-thickened epoxies for filleting tasks. GelMagic works really well to my certain knowledge but adds another couple of tubs to the large and not inexpensive chemistry set already required for stitch-and-glue boatbuilding.

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