Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 15, 2007

... but my place in the current manual is undisputable.

Anyway, David, if you brush epoxy on the edges and immediately join the pieces, the epoxy will actually act as a lubricant and help the pieces go together. As a practical matter, though, any joint that tight will have too little epoxy in it for optimum strength. Tight joints are for resorcinol and other carpentry glues. Epoxy wants a small gap to be filled with thickened epoxy. What this is telling me is that on a Duck the joint gets its ultimate strength from the glass tape on the inside and the glass cloth on the outside. But brushing the edges is still a good thing. It'll help seal the end grain in case of a leak. Congrats on #1.

Doug, about 18 miles south of you. Sure, I'll put up the occasional picture when I run into something new and interesting.

Jon, you're moving pretty fast on those boats. It hasn't been that long since you and the girls were trying them out at Okoumefest.

Michael, obviously David beat me to it this time. But then again, he didn't see what I saw yesterday in the showroom. It was hidden away behind the Passagemaker by the door to the shop. I spotted it while they went to get my packages and left me alone in the showroom. Note - always look in the corners, there's almost always something really interesting there.

OOPS, :-)

Later everybody,


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