Varnish Update

Posted by GeneP on Aug 13, 2007

Time for the promised update on curing the varnish fisheyes aka dimples. Thanks again to everyone who offered suggestions (often conflicting but that is half the fun).

I put a 6th coat on the hull on Saturday and the 5th on the deck this morning. Before doing so I pulled the boat out of the screend porch and vacuumed it again. Then I lined the inside of the porch with plastic and covered the floor with plastic as well.

The boat was wet sanded, washed, dried, dusted with new, washed cotton rags and tacked with a tack cloth that I made using the Interlux Schooner. The home made tack cloth works great.

The boat went back into the clean room and I tacked it again before dispensing varnish from a new can through a strainer into a new rolling pan. I used masking tape on the foam roller and brush to remove any stray lint. The skylights were covered with beach towels to keep direct sun off of the boat.

I changed clothes, wore hair and beard guards and asked my wife to meditate, pray, cast spells on the dust demons.

The end result? No fisheyes but still a fair amount of dust particles that settled into the finish as it dried.

Next step? Finish the rigging and go paddling and dare anyone to point out the specks. Heck, a few scratches from now and I will never see them.

Clean As I Can Get It Room