Re: Wondering

Posted by adan on Aug 13, 2007

Thanks guys for your help. I'll be checking out what you said to do and where to go.

As for the duct tape (mans greatest invention next to the wheel and sliced bread) on the hatches to keep water out. That's what I'm doing to use to keep the water out for my paddling trip down the south Thompson River. Chase to Kamloops (BC).

I was going to use some kind of weather stripping as a temporary fix later and rebuild the hatch covers due to the condition of hatches underside (splintering and peeling) then get some kind of hatch hold downs.

The paint on my boat is it suppose to be that way or can it be redone so you can see the wood on the underside??? I'd Like to see more nice pleasant light colored wood and not so much green paint.

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