Plans built Chesapeake 18

Posted by Laszlo on Aug 13, 2007


Looking at it a bit more, I'm starting to wonder if the oddities are because it was built from plans or from the book, "The Kayak Shop". I'm basing my guess on the hatches & coaming. Also, the rear cockpit bulkhead seems not to be made of okoume, judging from the grain lines.

It's definitely a CLC boat, though. It has the general shape, the sheer clamps under the deck (it's what the rigging attaches to, and is visible in the cockpit under the coaming on the right) and the hatch locations.

The shop tips are definitely where you want to start. There's a section called "The Perfect Cockpit" for the seats & braces, "Rudder, Retractable Skeg or Nothing" to help you decide which, and a couple of articles on flush mounted hatches. There's also the section on refinishing which should be useful.

Anyway, looks like you have a good basis for a restoration there. And while it may seem inelegant, duct tape and 6 mil polyethylene drop cloth (available at Home Depot) will let you seal the hatches enough to get out on the water and put it through a workout.

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