Posted by Adam on Aug 12, 2007

I just purchases a Wood Fiberglass kayak of some miles and of course there's some work that need to be done besides a new coat of paint. This is my first kayak I bought as I've only rented (rotomould boats) before. The boats a little longer then I wanted but the price was in the range I could afford and now I need some help.

I've posted this picture in a different place http://img228.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img0385largehw1.jpg and been told that this boat looks like a CLC 18 if you recognize this boat as a CLC craft please tell me. I just want to know because I have some work to both front and back hatches and covers plus re-enforce the front and back deck as it has no strength to it whatsoever and I need some equipment like a seat some thigh and foot braces and if possible a rudder. Some of the work can and will be saved for the off season but some will have to be done so I don't get swamped if water runs over my front deck. (Hatches and Covers don't form a water tight seal)

Any help and or advice you have would be nice mostly what my boat is so I can plan accordingly.

Thanks First Time kayak owner Adam