DIY tie-yak/ lock

Posted by seth on Aug 9, 2007

Well, as of lunchtime today, my boat is done. I worked out the flush hatch stuff-- thanks for all the advice. I'll see how watertight they are when I take her out tomorrow-- and I guess I'll find out if the glass bottom leaks!

I loaded the boat on the truck this evening so I could show it off at work tomorrow, and unlike my tupperware boat I actually worry about this one being stolen.

Instead of shelling out for the pre-made cable, i went to our local big box hardware place and bought sixteen feet of plastic-coated 1/8" wire rope and a set of stoppers. The nice guy in orange helped me clamp loops into the ends, and I picked up an all-weather lock. For less than ten bucks I have peace of mind about driving down south with all those hours of work strapped to my pickup.

I'll post some pictures of the glass bottom tomorrow-- if the boat stays afloat.


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