Re: Kayak recommendations

Posted by Jon Gillespie on Aug 6, 2007

Thanks for that Chris! Sounds like the Ches is pretty spacious! I guess I am just going to have to pick one and go for it.. I can always make another one and sell the one I like the least! I guess at this stage its more about just shutting up and building one that blathering on and on about the pro's and cons!! I think I'll go with the 17lt first up and see how that works for me and then try a plain 17 and compare the two.

Unlike John (from these posts) I just want to get out there and paddle in those gorgeous days minus the mossies!! Mind you John, here in Adelaide we have loads of Great white and other shark sightings... so I'm not sure which is the preferable option... nibbled by mosquitos or eaten by sharks???!!! I'll have to ponder that while I build my boat. (although my partner has already forbidden me to go Kiteboarding due to the shark issue... love to know what she thinks of the kayaking?!) LOL

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