sea island sit on top

Posted by nancy on Aug 5, 2007

Well my frustration knows no bounds. I have managed to have 3 of the frames snap while wiring the base, from the torque while wiring on to the the frame. With several glued and wired braces I now have some raggedy but true frames, but the shape of the wired panels still look like some serious wave action, and one of the panels cracked from the torque.

It comes together only one way, the panels have the proper shape though I had to reinforce the puzzle joints with an interior strip of fiberglass as they tried to separate when I wired them into the frame the second time. So the only answer is that the panels are in some way the wrong lengths and won't fit. If I had plans and could measure I could figure this out, but the manual has no precise dimensions to fall back on. So I am about to take it all apart for the fourth time, hope that CLC will replace my fractured frames and maybe the cracked panel.

All In all a very frustrating last couple of months! This is my 5th CLC kayak, the first a kit, the others from plans, so I don't think the problem is all together me. Okay I have vented. Any suggestions.