Re: Varnish Fisheyes

Posted by GeneP on Aug 5, 2007


You are correct, the problem is small depressions combined with more dust than in previous coats.

I am varnishing the boat on our screened porch. Before moving the boat out there we removed the furniture, vacuumed and washed the entire porch. I move the boat out to the driveway for wet sanding, rinsing and drying before moving it back. The boat stands that I used for sanding are not the same ones that I use for varnishing. I do wet the floor with a spray bottle before varnishing, wear clean clothes, hair net and beard guard.

Thinking back to the fourth coat, which looked great, I remembered that it had rained the night before so the trees/grass was still wet when I varnished. I suspect that helped to hold down airborne contamination.

Before varnishing again I am going to clean the porch again and tack up the thin painters plastic around the full interior of the porch. I am not varnishing in the garage because there is a CH16LT under construction there.

I like your suggestion of letting the tack cloth air for a day and running the roller and brush over masking tape. That will be part of the process.

Once again, thanks for the suggestions.

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