Varnish Fisheyes

Posted by GeneP on Aug 3, 2007

This morning I applied the 5th and I hoped last coat of varnish on the bottom of my Shearwater 17. Unfortunately I have numerous, small fisheyes. This happened in the 4th coat to the deck but I attributed it to using the same tack cloth that I used for the third coat.

Here is my procedure, hopefully someone can help identify the source of the contamination. I looked back at the archives but I seem to be following the general recommendations.

- wet sand with 400 between coats, rinse well, dry overnight. - wipe hull with clean rag dampened with Interlux 333 brushing liquid, allow to dry - mist floor around boat with water to keep dust down - wipe hull with new, wax/silicone free tack cloth - apply Interlux Schooner, thinned 10% with 333 using good foam roller and tip with foam brush - varnish was strained through fine strainer into new, small paint tray

Before attempting the 5th coat on the deck, does anyone have any idea what might be causing the fisheyes?