Re: Bite the bullet, scra

Posted by Jerold Wenger on Aug 3, 2007

If you have cabinet scrapers, I would recommend scraping and recoating. I think tearing up the panels is not as likely as you might think.

I am currently building my second Ches. 17LT, but I only purchased my scrapers just prior to starting this one (would have been really helpful to have had them for the 1st one). With a little experimenting, I've gotten the hang of both using and sharpening them, and they significantly decrease the time and effort for removing epoxy. You will have time to develop your technique before you get to the surface of the panels.

Sure it will take extra timed to scrape, but my guess is that the feeling you'll have after conquering this problem and redoing it right will be a pretty good one, especially the further you get towards completing the boat. And it'll give you a great story to tell later (or keep to yourself) when people are admiring the finished product.

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