Re: flush hatches/ bungee

Posted by seth on Aug 2, 2007

Thanks, Robert.

When I said I'd cut the openings a half inch wider, I just meant that I'd do it with the intent of using the hatch stiffeners that came with my kit as the sill. The hatch cover would still fit into the deck with a 1/16-1/8 gap; it's just that overall the opening and cover would be half an inch wider all-round than the hatches that came with the kit, so that the hatch stiffeners-- designed to fit around a smaller opening-- would create a lip.

Now what I'm thinking is that I'll cut them to the indicated size, use the hatch stiffeners as spacers, and cut the sill out of the hatch covers that came with the kit.

What I'd love to hear about from folks who've gone the bungee route is how watertight it is, what depth spacers they've used, and whether they can get the hatch lids to keep their camber using the ribs that came with the kit.

Good luck with your magnets.

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