Re: Repairing small scrat

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Aug 2, 2007

Obvious dents anywhere on the outer hull, chewed up keel, use a flashlight and look inside the cockpit and storage compartments - inspect for obvious cracking, especially along seams. Look for repaired damage - that should look like an obvious fibreglass patch or blob of epoxy that rises above the rest of the finish. Worn areas around the seat fittings are an indication of age and useage - introduces the possiblity of micro-cracks, which can compromise the structural intrgrity of the kayak. Also look at teh wear and tear on any webbing/deck lines. If they are frayed then you should replace them for your own safety.

All this said, any damage can be easily repaired as long as the fibreglass hasn't delaminated anywhere. Cracked seams can be sanded and reglassed. Buying a used kayak is not quite like building a new one since it has been used by someone else so you won't be familliar with all the damages it has possibly gained over the years. So if you do find damage, estimate the time it might take to repair (less light scratchy kind of damage=less time, more and deeper kinds of damage=more time to repair=+$$$ repair costs).

Hope this helps!

Robert N Pruden

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