Re: Repairing small scrat

Posted by Robert N Pruden on Aug 2, 2007

Sand away the paint for two inches around the scratch. This will allow you to see if there are any cracks around it. Lightly sand the epoxy so that it is scuffed up - this will allow for a good mechanical bond for the new epoxy that you will use to recoat the damaged area. The new epoxy can be applied with a cheapo foam brush or even a piece of fine sponge that you have laying around the house (clean, of course). Once the epoxy has hardened - repaint the area, wait a day and get the heck out there on the water. :) That scratch should not disuade you from buying the kayak but you could consider haggling over the cost of repairs. Be certain that there isn't any other damage to the kayak - examine the kayak yourself - don't take anyone's word that it is ok. Even the owner might not be aware of other damage, especially since it is painted. Hope this helps.

Robert N Pruden

In Response to: Repairing small scratch by tdrum on Aug 2, 2007