Re: Protecting Skerry bot

Posted by LeeG on Jul 31, 2007

Does the bottom have one layer of 6oz? For a kayak with total load of 250lbs that's usually fine for all around use and more(4oz-6oz) on the bottom football isn't out of the ordinary for very rough use where high speed surf landings can occur.

I'd think 6oz on a boat that could weigh 500lbs with two people and boat would crunch the wood more readily, albeit at slow speed, even though the wood is thicker.

Seems to me that if kayak builders are willing to put 10oz-12oz for very rough use that the same weight glass on a heavier boat carrying a heavier load wouldn't be unreasonable if a 6" wave knocks a fully loaded dinghy against a rock. The extra weight in about one yard of 6oz cloth wouldn't be that much.

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