Re: Kayak recommendations

Posted by John Beck on Jul 30, 2007

Jon, My first boat was a Ches 16, and I just finished SW 17 hybrid. I expect the volume of the SW and Ches 17 LT to be about the same. I've gone camping for the weekend with a friend in his low volume plastic boat. It was good I had the volume of the Ches 16 because anything bulky, like the tent, wouldn't even fit in his boat, and I doubt would fit in the SW. Granted, we packed more like car camping than backpacking, and I brough my ancient Timberline Eureka 2-man tent about 2 feet long, 8" diameter, but we didn't have much extra room. Unless everything you pack is no larger than a grapefruit, then utilizing the volume in the ends and actually getting stuff thru the hatches become considerations. I've paddled my Ches 16 for years doing just day paddles and have battled weathercocking, but never resented it. I now have the option of which boat to use, but for camping it will always be the Ches.

Hope that helps. John

In Response to: Kayak recommendations by Jon Gillespie on Jul 28, 2007