Posted by Christopher Diggins on Jul 27, 2007

I just returned from my first extended sailing adventure ( long for me- 8 days)up in BC, Canada on Kootenay Lake. It was amazingly beatiful and was less stressful for me than sailing in the treacherous waters of Puget Sound as there are very strong currents and cold water (50 degrees F). This lake was warm and very little currents to deal with. I have two concerns- first, has anyone capsized a Skerry. I have found it fairly stable and I have not been close to capsizing it but I wanted to know if I did, could I right it myself in the water? I have capsized a Catalina boat and could right that but there is less hull volume to retain water. Second, I have found most shores are not soft with sand but are filled with rocks and other sharp objects that are gouging my boat bottom. Is there a way to put a piece of sheet metal or other material on the bottom to protect it? Any help appreciated. Christopher in the Northwest