Re: Chesapeake 18/crosswi

Posted by Dave Houser on Jul 27, 2007

There are a few ways to deal with weathercocking (turning into the wind) that is assuming the wind was from the starboard side. The first is to move weight back in the kayak. Move your seat back. If you cannot move your seat back far enough you can add rear ballast. Second is to add a skeg. If you add a fixed skeg make it too big so the kayak leecocks and then file it down until it is wind neutral. Third is to add a deployable skeg (skeg in a box). Traveling into the wind you leave it up so the kayak weathercocks, traveling down wind you deploy it down so the kayak leecocks, traveling in a crosswind you put it part way down so it neutralizes the wind and waves. Skegs make the kayak harder to turn so correction strokes are fewer but not as quick. Fourth is to add a rudder. I do not like moving parts so I would move the seat back and if that is not enough add a fixed skeg. I always test paddle my kayaks in a stiff crosswind through an undersized cockpit hole before installing the coaming. My standard Ches 17 cockpit is 3 inches aft of plans to make the kayak wind neutral.

In Response to: Chesapeake 18/crosswind by Kim on Jul 26, 2007