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Posted by Robert N Pruden on Jul 26, 2007

The dust from sanding varnish is yellowish. The dust from sanding epoxy is white. If you sand most of the varnish off then soak a rag in acetone and wipe the sanded areas, the remaining varnish will show itself quite obviously. You can sand into the epoxy as long as you do not see the weave of the glass showing through. As soon as the dust becomes white, then you know you are sanding into the epoxy.

My own solution to your problem, which was my problem years ago, was to install brass and ash rub strips on the first 4 feet of the bow and stern. The bow got the brass and the stern got the ash. Eventually I will replace the ash with brass because the brass holds up extremely well without adding too much extra weight. I did do up a write up on how I did the installation somewhere here some time ago. I also posted the same write up at the Guillemot web site in the builders forum. If you like, I can find the link for you and post it here so that you can read about it. Unfortunately, I do not have the pictures of the procedure - they were lost when my Yahoo accounts became deleted due to non-use. You can email me privately for a detailed account and some coaching if you opt to go this route. I would recommend that you go the rub strip route.

Robert N Pruden

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