epoxy mishap

Posted by larry on Jul 25, 2007

Ok guys, let's see if you can give me some advice on this one. I am building the Eastport Pram, using the stitch and glue method. Although I read the directions and warnings that the "squirters" are already calibrated for two part resin one part hardener I realized that I had accidentally mixed the epoxy as 4 parts resin to one part hardener. The imporperly mixed epoxy has been applied to the planks and has been sitting for one week. The result is that the epoxy is stiff, not tacky, but still has not completely hardened, like a stiff, but flexible, caulk. Will the epoxy ever harden fully? should i worry about it? or is there some fix i can do to rectify the problem? Any advice you can give me will really be appreciated.