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Posted by Laszlo on Jul 22, 2007

Hey Paul,

Denatured alcohol is sold at Home Depot & Lowes in the paint section.

Bumps form if you put the coat on a bit thick. Using a short nap roller and tipping out the bubbles with a foam brush will give you a thin, bump-free coat. In this case, do not buy the rollers & brush from Home Depot or Lowes. The ones they sell are too cheap and don't do a good job. CLC sells the kind you need. This is one place where it's really worth it to pay for the higher quality.

Sounds like you're sanding off too much. You want to be filling the low spots and sanding the high until everything's pretty even. Don't worry about getting all the shiney pits out in one coat. Concentrate on the bumps, give everything else just enough sanding to kill most of the gloss, don't worry about getting all the pits out yet. If you're putting on really thin coats, put on a couple between sandings.

Once the bumps are gone, then worry about the getting all the pits.

Hope this helps,


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