OH NO!!!

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 21, 2007

George sez: "Maybe we could twist Laszlo's arm to buy us both crabcakes."

OMG! Not the "who's buying" thing again!! LMAO!!! And George, you just ain't seen -- or tasted -- "seafood balls" till you've hung a lip on an Edgewater Cafe crab cake. Ol' Lasz hit it smooth out of the park with that recommendation.

In fact, I still curse his hide for ruining me forever. Why, I've missed them so dearly ever since, that my whole personality is warped. But at least now I have an actual excuse, for a change, so what the heck.

I can already see we're going to have to drag Ken into whatever fray we start. He's a sitting duck (as it were) if I've ever seen one. Yeah, we may have to plan on OkoumeFest next year, see who all else needs corrupting...

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