Re: Ken you made the big

Posted by George K on Jul 21, 2007

"George, you are evil and must be destroyed. I just KNEW there was something about you I like!"

Well, Kurt, that's the reason they don't let us hang out anywhere but the TKBB. They can keep an eye on us there. We really should make an effort to show up at Okoumefest at the same time. Maybe we could twist Laszlo's arm to buy us both crabcakes. Or maybe he should head on down to Texas next bash and see if he can figure out what the heck those seafood balls are made of! Course they probably don't have those in Dallas anyway.....

George K

p.s. Has it stopped raining yet out your way?

In Response to: Re: Ken you made the big by Kurt Maurer on Jul 20, 2007