Hey, Dave 'N' Rob

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 19, 2007

Dave, that's a great idea for someone who has a longer attention span than I have. Seems I want something different every half a season. Last time around, I was hot to come up with an ultra low volume "cheater boat" for rolling. Now it's a good surf boat that doubles as a passable sea yak. But I'm building a canoe instead.

...IF the stupid weather will ever dry up for more'n five minnits at a stretch, that is. Dang, Noah Hisself didn't get this much rain...

Rob-Man, I thought I was gonna be a 165-pounder for the rest of my life, maybe more. Hey, I'm only 5'-5". But since Leslie moved back to her beloved mountains, I dropped 10 pounds right then'n'there, and ain't seen 'em since. I guess good women enjoy making sure their guys eat proper and well, and dumb old bachelors are too lazy to feed their own selves. That's my take on it, anyway.

In Response to: 155 lbs? That's it, Kurt. by Robert N Pruden on Jul 18, 2007