Why Tape??

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 18, 2007

I don't mess with tape inside the extreme ends of my boats; they're plenty strong with just the fillets. It's practically impossible to put a truly small fillet in that tight a space, so you automatically end up with something that's at least sufficient, if not over-done.

Chris, that new yak of mine is 17'-4" x 19". The rear deck height is 5". The design I gave it isn't particularly good, I'm afraid. While the boat doesn't completely and totally suck all to hell, it certainly glances in that direction every now and then. Actually, it's almost a pretty decent boat except it has insufficient volume in the bow and stern, and any boat that scares me (only) when the water gets tall and fast will not amuse me for long.

But on still water you oughta see it GO, man. It's really FAST! Makes me think about building race boats...


In Response to: of course. by Charlie Jones on Jul 18, 2007