Re: Passagemaker question

Posted by Paul on Jul 18, 2007

Hey guys,

dont worry im in the same boat i have a little bit of experience with wood construction but nothing this fancy i got my shipment and started reading the manual religiously....and did the first step of sanding the laser cut pieces taking the advice of another guy on here of not doing anything until im confident and relaxed..jsut openingthe box up anddoing the first sanding was enough for today....tomorrow im gettignready for my first epoxy gluing and basically gonna make sure the setup is perfect....speed is def not an option biggest concern this week is the temperature..weve been gettingrain everyday so im trying to figure out if that jsut means longer curing time ....either way yeah its a bit overwelming when you first get the box lol but itll work out lol....

im also doing 2 other projects so that i dont try to rush the refinishing a dog sled and some old wooden paddles i found....this will rpevent me from saying screw it and quicken up the steps naturally kinda of impatient so this project will either make me learn to be patient or make me pay and learn the hard way..

Peter id like to add you to my msn or something you seem def knowledgeable and eager to help others a rare trait these days lol


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