Re: Passagemaker question

Posted by Peter on Jul 17, 2007

Doug and Ron- And I'm not even a computer geek! (I know enough html to get me into trouble, but that's about it.) On the other hand, I am a scientist, so I suppose that's close enough!

I am living proof of the "if Peter can do it, anybody can" principle. Some time back, I even ran a survey, and it seems that the vast majority of Passagemaker builders came to the project with little or no woodworking experience. That is the beauty of CLC products- ease of construction, along with clear, complete instruction manuals and a web site chock full of technical resources. It is the perfect entre into the world of boatbuilding.

I have one more stitch-and-glue boat ahead of me, and then I am seriously considering a *gasp* plank-and-frame construction project. Tune in to see if Peter, in his overconfidence, flies too close to the sun...

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