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Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jul 17, 2007

George sez: "Kurt probably uses less fillet but he worries more about a half ounce than I do! I think he and his last boat together weigh around 119 pounds. Hey Kurt! Any progress on that canoe yet?"

I reply: Pffffttt...! I wish. The Fat Boy here tips the scales at an incredible 155 lbs, for your information, and the boat, a little Greenland style thing I designed myself, and built as a hybrid, weighs in at a hefty 28 lbs.

I had an interesting experience when I retrofitted the cockpit in my Cormorant (another hybrid): knocking out the aft bulkhead just about required a sledge hammer, and liked to tear the boat up getting it out. And all that was holding it in was little ol' fillets of maybe 50-cent piece radius on either side. Wow! So now I use tiny little itsy bitsy fillets.

Nope, still a no-go on the canoe, just way too friggin WET around here. It just won't stop raining for anything! Bleah!!

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