One Mor eThought...

Posted by Norm on Jul 16, 2007

I appreciate everyone's concern, but there is no need to fear. I consider this forum a breath of fresh air; in an otherwise day-in, day-out blah, blah, blah, I look forward to seeing all that's going on. And even though most of us have never met, we do feel as if we know one another. (See David's post above.)

Finally, I SINCERELY value the connections we have with folks like Laszlo, who I'm convinced is the unofficial CLC Journeyman, and Kurt who has more hand's on practical knowledge in his pinky than I can ever hope to muster in the rest of my life. And in spite of the fact that it might sound like a poor Bud commercial, I really do love all you guys... It comes with getting older and realizing that there's much more fun available in concentrating on the journey. Keep builin' folks... :-)

In Response to: Oh, My by Kurt Maurer on Jul 15, 2007