What would Lazlo do?

Posted by David D on Jul 16, 2007

It is so great that experienced builders give so generously in this forum. Some of the regulars you feel like you know (when of course you don't). So...was ready to do an end pour on our MC 16.5, and our local dollar store (Walmart is a ways away)only had playdough, not modeling clay, but I figured this would work. So I cut out the card board dam and sealed it with day-glow pink playdough. I had a little fresh epoxy mixed with graphite (from rubstrips), and added it to the bigger batch of epoxy and poured it in, thinking the plack tint would make any leaks easier to pick up, so why not. Suddenly, leaks are everywhere. I use up all the pink and move into the green (Think ER when the Dr's are battling multiple bleeders on some heart valve). As it turns out, playdough dissolves when in contact with epoxy! I am having visions of hardened, black stained, green and pink glop permanently in the boat. What would Lazlo do I thought--well that was pointless, Lazlo likely has 3 different grades of artists clay and knows which works best at different humidities. Ah, but what would Kurt Maurer do? Finish his martini and make it work. So I pick up the hull, bring it outside, stand it on end leaning against the garage, and carefully remove all the glop and finish the end pour. Thanks to all fo the contributions. David