Re: Ches 17, laminate for

Posted by Chris J. on Jul 15, 2007

Mr. Laszlo hit the brass nail on the head...It's an adventure to figure out how to best create the parts required and where to get the best materials....It took me weeks to find an ash board to make the slats for my Mill Creek seats. I expected ash would be flooding the local market with all the trees we've lost to EAB in this area but I could only find it at a small mill and they only had 5 or 6 boards.

Also...don't expect to save any money building from plans. I kept every single receipt for materials to build our Mill Creek 16.5 right down to the brass nails, brushes, rollers...everything - $1450.00 Cdn. As this wasn't our first project we had few capital tool expenses on this kayak so that kept the cost down.

As for the jigs...they hang in the shop...maybe to be used again...or maybe they'll end up as some mystery item on some woodworking forum long after I'm gone...."what the hell could that have been used for?"


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