Launch Day

Posted by Chris J. on Jul 14, 2007

We launched our Mill Creek 16.5 earlier today. We had hoped to go out into Lake St. Clair to watch the annual Dragon Boat races but there were small craft warnings so we settled on testing her out in the reservoir at the end of the street. She is sleek and fast and very stable.

During construction we came across a photo of Mill Creek on a U.K. web site. We admired their paint scheme so we hope that imitation is a high form of flattery to the owner of that kayak.

We started from scratch on January 28 and picked away at the project until last night when we installed the internal bungee system under the flush hatches and finished pimping out a new kayak cart (painted the wheels to match the hull).

As with our previous builds, we can’t thank all of you folks out there enough for all the knowledge and ideas you share on this forum. I have lots of other pictures that I’ll post later but here’s a link to the latest.

P.S...Just as we were pushing the Mill Creek out the shop window today my wife said “did you read what Mr. Lazlo posted about the Duck?”…..I think she’s setting me up for next winter’s project….merci.

Mill Creek Launch Day