Re: Marine adheasives

Posted by Karl on Jul 14, 2007

I've used 3M 5200 before, and I don't think it will do what you are asking it to do. You are correct in that it doesn't run, however my experience with it is that it takes a long time to cure... like 24-48 hours to finally be completely solid. Bond strength is fine, although it sounds like you are looking for a weight bearing structure. The 5200 remains flexible once cured, sort of makes me wonder just how much total weight bearing strength it has in your application.

Just out of curiosity, why can't it be clamped? I would think that epoxy thickened with cabosil would suit the application much better. The permanence and strength of the eventual joint would be better. The only down sides that I can see would be... A. figuring out a working clamp mechanism for your application. and B. potential for some running during the epoxy set up.

I would locate the exact placement of the cleats on the hull and mask around them (underneath and to either side). This will protect the inside of the hull from drips and serve as a visual locater to mount the cleats without having to have the seat itself in the way of the clamps. Now you can mount the 1"x2" in exactly the correct location and bring a clamp over the sides of the gunwales. After the epoxy sets up some, remove the masking tape for a clean, run free job.

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