Re: Sailrig Ama Height

Posted by LeRoy on Jul 9, 2007


Beautiful looking SailRig!

I canít give you an answer on the proper amas height above waterline, but I noticed that the end of your akas ó when compared to images on the CLC site ó has a pronounced downward sweep that may be the cause of your problem.

If the images on CLCís site are of the new MK2 SailRig, you may have an older set of plans (Iím assuming you donít have the kit)... but, since the line drawing on their site looks like itís dated 1991, it may be the other way around... who knows??

You may want to email or call CLC direct for an answer... anyway, if you find out why your amas ended up being too low, please post the reason.

In Response to: Sailrig Ama Height by Roger Lopata on Jun 30, 2007