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Posted by LeeG on Jul 4, 2007

You'll get it down. The important part to the float is that the shaft isn't for putting much weight on,,it's the kayak where you put weight with the float providing a reference.

My $.02 is that relying on rigging can be a problem in that it makes removing the paddle a challenge especially if the rigging is snug to compensate for bad technique and it shifts your weight even further aft when going over the aft end of the paddle. You might put down a 3"x2" piece of non-skid vinyl right behind the coaming to help keep it from sliding around. Using your body weight on the paddle shaft behind the coaming does a better job holding it in position, if you push on the shaft you'll end up pushing it out of position even if it's under the deck bungies. If you put your weight on the deck instead of using the pf/shaft as a lever to push yourself on then you'll rely less on the rigging to prevent the paddle from sliding out. If you do want to use rigging try adding a 3/16"/5mm perimeter line for the paddle to go under, bungie by itself is mighty stretchy.

Making a smooth transition from back of the deck to sitting in the cockpit bringing the paddle into your lap can be done in five seconds. The quicker the better. The more time spent on deck or trying to install/undo the paddle the more time you're likely to dump back in.

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