rudder function

Posted by jeff wong on Jun 29, 2007

My hard chined kayak (Absolute kayaks) has its cockpit pretty far forward, so that the bow sits a bit low relative to the CLC boats. (a wet ride in waves <one foot and the bow will submerge) . It also has some rocker, maybe about 8 inches front and rear combined, so it turns really well when leaned. I installed a rudder for following seas and to correct for weathercocking. I found that when deployed on flat water, it improved the tracking exponentially.

Considering its ease of leaned turns, I thought, all I really need in my boat is a skeg to keep me straight. I bolted the rudder cables to fixed points, I'd have a skeg without a skegbox.

If you owned this boat would you keep the rudder as above, or move the cockpit back a few inches?

Thanks for your views Jeff