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Posted by Paul on Jun 27, 2007

Thanks for all the tips guys....yeah ive been thinking a lot about painting a majority of it... and varnishing the i love the Julia child reference lol.

I watched a mini clip on youtube about stirring the epoxy mix...they compared it to between the consistency of ketchup and moyonaise lol. Ill find the post first.

Yeah im def humbled by some of the pics ive seen on this board you guys are master craftsman like that one guys reflective finnish is insano lol.

Im mostly building this baby cause i lvoe to sail but in my part of the world Northern Ontario theirs no sailing dinghies therefore no used boats for sale..So i bumped onto this site. I have 6 weeks of holidays and a nice garage...Build all day and fish all night.

The boat will not be perfect cause i cant afford the sailing rig until next year so this year ill build the boat paint & varnish. Im curious about how you can do boat i guess you end up varnishing over the section thats painted ...then ill like test it out to make sure it floats ..then ill add the sailing kit next year.

Yeah lets jsut put it this way ill be happy if it floats and sails...I already had a mini dream of a skerry next and who knows lol...But Thanks for the quick responses I appreciate it.

While im waiting for my baby to show up...I wanna redo some old paddles i found in a you suggest jsut sanding and varnishing with that UV varnish????????

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