Re: Cover for Annapolis W

Posted by Ron Paro on Jun 26, 2007

John, does the Sunbrella material 'breathe'? I am concerned about heat build-up when the sun is shining on my poly-tarp covered boat. I just moved it out of my shop last night, so I parked it under a tree for shade, but this is not the best location in my yard for boat parking.

While I was still building my Jimmy Skiff, I had left the hull out in my driveway under the blue poly-tarp for a couple of days when I needed the floorspace in my shop to finish another project. When I uncovered the boat, I found that the temperature got quite high under the tarp, and part of the rubrail de-laminated on a scarf joint. I had no problem fixing it, but wish to avoid this in the future.

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