Re: hull paint questions

Posted by J. Schott on Jun 24, 2007

You will not get a smooth coat with primer, it has no "flow" properties at all. Brightsides will be a lot different. Once you're hull is primed, most of it will be sanded off for a smooth base for the paint. If I remember correctly, I finish sanded with 220 before paint. Don't wet sand unless you are going to let it dry out, pre-coat absorbs water. I swear by the foam roller/foam brush technique. Thin your paint with the brushing thinner (I add the maximum amount) and add 2oz of penetrol to a quart of paint. I will paint 1 panel at a time, rolling about 3 ft and tipping from the dry side into the previously applied section. Keep the coats thin to avoid sags on the vertical sections. Wet sand between coats, up to 320 for lighter colors and 400 for the dark shades. Here is a picture of what can be achieved with $1 worth of paint applicators.-Joey

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