Re: mildew on nylon sail

Posted by Ron Paro on Jun 22, 2007

This is an exerpt from a page I found on Sailrite's site. The link is below.

"MILDEW. Soak the affected area in a 1% solution of chlorine (household bleach will do) and cold water. Vinegar also serves to control mildew if used rather frequently (it has limited use in correcting a problem that has gotten out of hand)."

"Whenever confronted with a serious stain, do not expect complete removal. Usually the best that can be expected is a moderation of the discoloration. After cleaning the sail, dry it completely. Mildew will not grow on modern synthetic sailcloth, but it can grow on the dirt that it accumulates if moisture is present. Although mildew will not harm the fabric, it will discolor or spot it."

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