Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 20, 2007

Correct. But on the other hand, you can always use an open (deckless) sea kayak, sit on the bottom as usual, and forget about the self-bailing thing and pack a sponge instead. No can be no scuppers when your fanny's below the waterline.

It might be called a question of semantics; to wit, what exactly is the definition of a sit-on-top kayak? I'd personally try to ramrod the concept of the self-bailing cockpit, and presence of scuppers to accomplish same, that ices it.

But I say you can reap the benefits of the sit-on-top without sacrificing sea kayak performance simply by building a sea yak with an outsized cockpit opening, then relying upon a sponge to keep from sitting in a bathtub. That's pretty much what my friend Gerald does with his marathon racing boats, which happen to work splendidly as fishing boats too.

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