buenos dias Senor

Posted by Larsen on Jun 20, 2007

good to hear from you. Wanchese is on the outer banks. I am on Ocracoke Island, NC. Its north of me but about as far as I go during tourist season. I can get Big Box store stuff in Manteo or Swans Quarter. I don't get off the island much this time of year but the mail comes twice a week so I can order parts online, we do have wireless courtesy of the school here. movin' on up Only boats and ferries get here The leebay (chesapeake breed with a northbay) only has the rear hatch, the front bulkhead never was installed (something about the weather being too cold at time for epoxy to kick) so front has a bag/storage deal. The rear hardware was stainless. I canabalized the h/w off the LT17 prototype i built but it wasn't the fit it had before. Rather do it right than add more washers and the sort and I suck at cutting screws... plus I will need h/w for the lesser paddled LT eventually. The leebay is killer in the surf and inlet. The LT is pushy in waves and current...I love the wooden kayaks but they are alot of maintance, the Looksha is still my ace.

take it light, its' taco night at the Jolly so its' time to split. peace

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