Hey Norm -- Paddles R Us

Posted by Kurt Maurer on Jun 17, 2007

Hiya Norm... Yeah, I know you were the one asking, and I like the sound of you. To wit, it appears you're not afraid to make some sawdust happen in the qontinuing qwest for knowledge. YEAH!!

And as a matter of high interest, a MC16.5 finished the Texas Water Safari this year (please Google it if you aren't familiar with what I refer to), and I was there to watch it x the finish. By golly, I even helped carry it up out of the water, which I considered to be a special honor.

Anyway, the earlier posters were correct: that you would probably do best with a Euro paddle as opposed to a GP. You'll have to experiment with length and blade size to find what suits you best, and I recommend using closet rods and something like 230 cm as a starting point to experiment with. After all is said & done, remember that shorter paddles (boats too) weigh less and stow easier.

If you aren't already feathering your blades, for heavens sake, don't start now! I used feathered blades a-plenty, believe me, and now recommend highly against it. It's like smoking in that it's a whole lot easier to start than it is to stop (I'm over 3 months without a ciggie too, btw, yippee!).

To determine your wood thickness, etc., just perform an experiment or two or three to arrive at your preferred stave size, taper, etc... that's what I recommend. There are just too many variables for anyone but you to guess what might work best for you. Start at 1/4" thick.

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